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Castello di Zumelle
The “Civitas Zumellarum” was officially opened in July 2004 through a training program organized in collaboration with the ESRB, by which a diverse group of fans had the opportunity to meet and learn about the world of pageants. From this experience came the desire to recreate a piece of local history lost.

The aim of our group is asked is the reconstruction of the environment and the re-enactment scenes of life within the walls of a castle of the thirteenth century. The association is also responsible for promoting the image of the Castle of Zumelle, among other things, co-organizer of the secular “Fair of Forgiveness” that takes place in the month of July.

The event, writing to the ESRB, is the main event in which the group is dedicated during the year by the research and reconstruction of objects as close as possible, clothing and daily activities on the first half of the thirteenth century, after which the castle was finally destroyed and lost its strategic and military importance.

The group is currently composed of 14 people and relies on the collaboration of other craftsmen and external experts.

Dal 2004 ha organizzato in collaborazione con altri gruppi storici, eventi quali la Fiera della Perdonanza e la rievocazione dell’Assedio del 1197, ed partecipato alla manifestazione “The Court Caminese” Vittorio Veneto, the Palio of Legnano, and many other small events such as exhibitions, craft fairs and local.

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